Secure, remote connectivity for Utilities & Renewables

Optimize utility supply distribution, reduce wastage and improve operational efficiency, with automated, reliable data from your entire service territory.

Ground Control delivers Utility suppliers a 360° view of your data from every point in the supply chain – including remote, off-grid sites, with ubiquitous satellite connectivity.

BGAN install utilities

Remote monitoring via SCADA, IoT and M2M

Automating control across the entire network enables companies to rapidly respond to outages, fluctuations and/or peaks in demand. But none of this is possible without reliable data and connectivity. And 53% in the power sector report they are unable to fully monitor connected systems.

Facilitating Industrial Control Systems (ICS) is a key part of Ground Control’s mission. Our hybrid satellite and cellular solutions ensure secure and reliable transmission of data from field RTUs to distributed control or SCADA systems. Scalable and customizable, our systems enable precise measurements and near real time data aggregation.

Supporting our Utility customers 24/7

With increasing operational costs, customers expect seamless utility supply and when disaster strikes, effective communication. Having worked with Utility providers for over 20 years, we understand the industry challenges and how expensive and damaging outages can be. Further safeguard operational efficiency with proactive maintenance and 24/7 support contracts by Ground Control.

Extend telemetry and SCADA applications with satellite connectivity, delivering actionable insights to drive better business decisions

Complete visibility

Facilitate data retrieval from sites with limited, or no terrestrial coverage via satellite connectivity. Utilize additional, continuous data to drive better business decisions.

Consistent utility supply

Implement satellite failover, to ensure you can optimize utility distribution and mitigate issues associated with redundant capacity, even when the grid stops.

Better data security

Enhance cybersecurity securing data paths with military-grade encryption and/or creating completely redundant systems - complete independence of any public infrastructure.

Powering tomorrow: challenges and opportunities in Utilities

In this webinar, recorded live on 26th January 2022, four experts in the field of IoT / M2M connectivity discussed the challenges Utilities and Renewables companies face over the next decade, from ageing infrastructure to cyber security to climate change.

Proven track record

Our team are experts in getting data from hard-to-reach places. We've delivered 27 years continuous connectivity to one of our Utility clients. This uninterrupted satellite service has become that company’s most reliable system, even above that of fiber.

To learn more about our systems, services and airtime packages, and how these can help you consistently service your own customers better, get in touch today.