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Red Phone - Emergency Voice Communications
Off-Grid Critical Voice Communications
Red Phones are able to stay connected to other Red Phones anywhere in North America during the most sever power outage. Link

MCD-MissionLINK - 100% Portable Global Connectivity
Need a portable case that can connect to the Internet and phone service from every location on the globe? The MCD-MissionLINK is a carry portable WiFi hotspot that also provides up to three separate phone lines. A 100% global mobile office on land or sea. Link

Portable Trailer System Makes Communications Easy
Now Ground Control has placed the Toughsat on a self-contained trailer that includes and onboard generator for anywhere connectivity. Create a wireless hotspot for phone and data communication out to 1000' from the trailer. Link

Flyaway Case from Ground Control Keeps Communications On-The-Move
For our clients who need portable VSAT, Ground Control has developed a new transportable case system for its line of Toughsat Mobile Satellite Systems. The Flyaway is also fly-and-drive capable, which means it can easily affix to a vehicle roof rack. While, many of our customers have a dedicated vehicle that allows them to permanently install a mobile dish, many are finding they require flexibility in deployment and the Flyaway Case provides this with easy setup Link

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