Satellite IoT and Internet – United States and Canada

Dual Matrix for North America

Ground Control’s two North American teleports service two different high-performance satellites that operate independent of each other. With the Dual Matrix service, a single mobile satellite dish may connect with either of the satellites at any time, no matter the plan they subscribe to.

More about Dual Matrix.

Public Safety Satellite Plans

Public Safety organizations have access to special unlimited use satellite services at lower prices for both our fixed and mobile satellite systems. Packages include the Red Phone designed for voice communication when everything else is offline.

More about our Emergency Mobile Responder (EMR) Plans.

Red Phone Critical Voice Comms

Critical voice communications to other Red Phones. $49 annually, which includes the red phone plus unlimited calling. Red Phones are able to stay connected to other Red Phones anywhere in North America during the most severe outages of any kind… Even Internet outages.

Learn more about Red Phone Critical Voice Communications.

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