Real Time Asset Tracking

If your team or assets are travelling out of mobile network
coverage, satellite is the only practical means of keeping track.
We cover everything from truck tracking to military
deployments, helicopters to international shipping fleets.

Truly Global Asset Tracking

When assets and workers travel off-grid, pole-to-pole coverage via satellite makes a material difference. Continue to drive efficiencies and increase safety, across all borders, at all times.

Remote Worker Tracking

Remote worker tracking using RockSTAR
When you have workers in remote, hostile environments, you can’t compromise on your team’s safety. Ground Control’s RockSTAR enables you to track, communicate with, and coordinate your remote workers when they’re outside of cellular connectivity.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking RockFLEET-Truck
The RockFLEET is a truly global tracking device designed for permanent use on land vehicles and aboard marine vessels. Delivering seamless coverage via cellular and satellite connectivity, you’re able to reliably monitor fleet data at all times.

Aircraft Tracking

Aircraft tracking with RockAIR
Our carry-on, carry-off RockAIR device is specifically designed for aircraft tracking. Leveraging the Iridium satellite network and cellular connectivity when available, you are able to receive continuous, accurate GPS coordinates.

Vessel Tracking

Marine vessel tracking with RockFLEET
Our services provide fleets with a virtually real-time view of each vessel’s location, and we’ve worked closely with regulatory bodies to ensure that our system’s data output is compatible with government requirements across the globe.

“We[…] chose to integrate with Ground Control because of their justified reputation for reliability, and the ease of integration with our software.”

Kylan Diprose, Director

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Iridium SBD Coverage Map

Iridium SBD airtime is utilized by the RockSTAR, RockAIR, RockFLEET and Iridium GO! devices.

The Iridium satellite constellation is in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) which presents several benefits for IoT applications. The main benefit is latency; as these satellites are much closer to Earth than satellites in geostationary orbit, the ping time is typically less than one second.

The Iridium satellite network is also ideal for mobile applications, as antennas are omni-directional, and do not need to be pointed; their data will be accepted by the passing satellite and then ‘handed off’ to the next satellite, delivering 100% seamless coverage.


Short Burst Data & Iridium GO! Service Plans and Pricing

For more information about our SBD Service Plans, please visit our dedicated Iridium SBD Pricing page. Likewise, head to our Iridium GO! Service Plans page, for full details of our Iridium GO! airtime pricing, including pre-paid services.

SBD Annual Plans
SBD Pay-As-You-Go - Line Rental
SBD Pay-As-You-Go - Running Costs

Satellite airtime isn’t cheap, and we pride ourselves on delivering great value for our customers. So, rather than having a small number of plans that will either see you rack up expensive overage fees, or pay for data you don’t use, we tailor our plans to every customer. These are example plans only; let us know what your data requirements are and we’ll make a plan that suits you.

Also, please note that our annual plans are available for any SBD device; our Pay-As-You-Go plans are exclusive to Ground Control manufactured devices.

Example Plan:
Low Usage
Mid Usage
High Usage
Price Per Month (USD):
Inclusive Data:
5,000 bytes
25,000 bytes
250,000 bytes
Overage Rate:
$3.00 per 1,000 bytes
$1.60 per 1,000 bytes
$0.75 per 1,000 bytes
Activation Fee:

Our pay-as-you-go plans offer great flexibility for development purposes, and are available for the RockBLOCK 9602 and RockBLOCK 9603 plug-and-play satellite transceivers, the RockSTAR personal tracking device, RockFLEET vehicle tracking device, and the RockAIR aircraft tracking device.

Line rental allows the SBD device to exchange information with the Iridium satellite network. Credits are used each time you transmit.

RockBLOCK 9602, 9603, Plus
Price Per Month (USD):
Hybrid Satellite / Cellular Service:
+ $13.00 per month

Line rental allows the SBD device to exchange information with the Iridium satellite network. Credits are used each time you transmit. One credit is used per 50 bytes (or part thereof) of message sent or received. One credit is also used if you check your mailbox and there are no messages waiting (a mailbox check).

Be sure to check out our SBD Pricing page for full details of our Pay-As-You-Go service plans.

50 Credits
100 Credits
1,000 Credits
10,000 Credits
Per Credit (USD):
Bundle Price (USD):

Ground Control offers two airtime service plans for the Iridium GO!: a monthly service plan with data minutes included, and a variable rate for voice calls, or a prepaid service which gives you a fixed number of data and voice minutes, with the option to roll over unused minutes if the service is renewed. We’ve listed some of our monthly service plans here; please visit our Iridium GO! airtime pricing page for full details.

"5" MONTHLY Service
"75" MONTHLY Service
"150" MONTHLY Service
Unlimited Data/SMS MONTHLY Service
Price Per Month (USD):
Please call or email
Included Data Per Month:
5 data minutes
75 data minutes
150 data minutes
Unlimited data minutes
Overage Fee:
$0.99 per minute
$0.75 per minute
$0.45 per minute

BGAN M2M Coverage Map

BGAN M2M airtime is utilized by the Cobham Explorer 323.

The Inmarsat I-6 F1 launched on 22nd December 2021, and will be followed by the I-6 F2 in 2023. Both are dual-band satellites and will support both L-Band and Ka-Band frequencies. With the launch, Inmarsat will easily be able to support four times the amount of traffic the network can support today, which means faster speeds and continued reliability of service. The new satellites also deliver greater coverage.


BGAN Service Plans and Pricing

For more information about our BGAN M2M Service Plans, please visit our dedicated Inmarsat BGAN M2M Pricing page.

1 MB
2 MB
5 MB
10 MB
15 MB
20 MB
Price Per Month (USD):
Included Data:
1 MB
2 MB
5 MB
10 MB
15 MB
20 MB
Activation Fee (USD):
Overage Fee Per MB:
Minimum Contract Term:
1 Month
1 Month
1 Month
1 Month
1 Month
1 Month
Early Termination Fee:

Benefits of Partnering with Ground Control

Asset Tracking can be complex, with technical expertise required across hardware, firmware, installation, connectivity and more. With over 20 years’ experience - our team can help make the complex, simple.

Tried & Tested Tracking Devices

Our manufactured devices are application verified in some of the most remote and hostile locations on the planet. Every element has been designed, developed and refined based on feedback. The result? Devices that are easy to install, operate and maintain. We're also able to accommodate bespoke customisation for both larger orders and as part of future product development.


Global Connectivity

Satellite airtime is more expensive than cellular - most of the time! But we make it affordable. We have great prices and we’re able to tailor all of our airtime plans to our customers' requirements, so you only pay for the data you use. Additionally, most of our devices benefit from built-in LTE Narrowband, which when possible, allows use of the terrestrial mobile phone network.

Airtime Service Plans

Seamless Data Output & Integration

All of our devices come with access to Cloudloop, our web-based subscription and data management system. Our integrated tracking software includes configurable status alerts, report frequency and geo-fencing capabilities. Have your own tracking platform? Data integration from our products is quick and easy with excellent API documentation and technical support.

Explore Cloudloop

Need help finding the right product?

That's what we're here for. With offices in the US and UK, and over 20 years' experience delivering satellite and cellular connectivity, we can help you make the right choice for your requirements and budget.

Email or call us, or complete the form, and we'll provide objective, expert advice.

Looking for a connectivity partner?

Ground Control partners with a number of innovative tracking companies who provide end-to-end solutions for their customers. Aviators, fleet managers and drivers, security forces, military personnel and ultra-runners are being tracked globally for safety and efficiency. If you have a tracking solution and would like to enable it with satellite connectivity, get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.