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FirstNet Numbers Overview
FirstNet Overview
Public Safety using Toughsat Flyaway
Mobile Systems
Fixed VSAT Satellite Solution
Fixed Systems
iDirect X3 Satellite Gateway Router
iDirect Gateways
3-piece Flyaway Toughsat System
Flyaway Satellite Systems
3-piece Flyaway Toughsat System
Mobile Satellite Systems
VoIP At Construction Site
Phone Service Over Satellite
Emergency VoIP Phone Solution
Multiple Phones
Two T-100 Trailers
Wi-Fi Hotspot Trailers
Military Fixed VSAT solution
Fixed Satellite Systems
VoIP in the TS2 Case
Long Range Phones for VSAT
Roof Rack Flyaway satellite solution
Fly-And-Drive Systems
3-Case Flyaway on ground
Case Based Flyaway Dish
Ground Mounted Mobile VSAT
Non-Pen VSAT Installation
Non-Pen VSAT Installation
Remote Phone Service
Open Field VSAT solution
Toughsat T-100 Construction
T-100 Emergency Use
Roof Rack VSAT mobile Satellite Dish
Flyaway fits in most vehicles
Flyaway fits in most vehicles
Flyaway fits in most vehicles
Flyaway Toughsat Beauty Shot


FirstNet is a $7 billion Federal funding initiative to allow first responders the ability to maintain critical communications, no matter the location in the U.S. These modern broadband tools revolve around the newly created "Band 14" network all will connect with. Its primary design is to be reliable, functional, safe and secure and provide optimal levels of operational capability at all times. Now for the first time in history, public safety communications will be standardized and eliminate interoperability obstructions between all agencies. FirstNet will lower costs and drive consumer-driven economies of scale with a rapid evolution of advanced communication capabilities, all of which is rolling out in 2017.

FirstNet Innovations Testing Lab Video

Band 14

FirstNet Band 14 represents highly efficient frequency slices in the 700 MHz band used by cellular companies. These highly prized frequencies provide excellent long-range rural and urban coverage with good penetration through buildings. Band 14 will be an excellent frequency standardization for migrating public agencies toward.

The FirstNet grant program provides financial assistance to eligible public safety entities in relocating their radios and systems to Band 14 in advance of the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN) development and deployment. There are 15 public safety spectrum licensees operating narrowband systems on the FirstNet-licensed Band 14 spectrum under previously issued FCC authorizations.

FirstNet Band 14

Satellite & FirstNet
In remote or rural locations where Band 14 radio towers are not viable, satellite systems will be deployed for last-mile FirstNet connection. Ground Control has been a leader for hundreds of Public Safety organizations in the United States since 2002 and we have been evolving our technology to provide broadband communication tailored to these needs. With FirstNet, we will offer cost-effective mobile broadband satellite solutions that extend the FirstNet network in remote locations where permanent towers are cost prohibitive. Below are some of our solutions.

Satellite Equipment & Service Solutions
Ground Control offers No-RestrictionsHigh-SpeedLow-ContentionLow-LatencyNet-NeutralMulti-UserApplication Friendlyhighly predictable satellite connections.

Mobile Truck with VSAT Dish
Toughsat VSAT - Mobile Satellite Internet
Prices Starting at $16,999
Ground Control manufactures a full line of Toughsat mobile VSAT satellite Internet systems that mount on any rig roof. These mobile dishes are one-button easy to operate, and deliver performance grade high-speed satellite Internet from anywhere.
Mobile Satellite Systems
Public Safety Mobile Internet Service Plans
Flyaway VSAT - Ground Mounted
Flyaway Toughsat - A Case-Based Mobile VSAT
Prices Starting at $19,744
The Flyaway Toughsat case is a full size portable satellite system that is easily setup and operated by one person and transported from the back of an SUV. The Flyaway Toughsat Includes a 100' foot Wi-Fi access point for any in-range devices. It may also be mounted on a vehicle roof rack for full operation.
Link to Flyaway Toughsat
Multi-Purpose Communications Trailer
T-100 Multi-Purpose Communications Trailer
Prices Starting at $27,998
Our multi-purpose Toughsat T-100 VSAT communications trailer will place a half-mile radius Wi-Fi Internet access point at any location with Internet speeds of 20Mbps down x 2Mbps up. Provides continuous power with onboard generator. This lightweight trailer is quite easy to operate and can be transported by any vehicle/truck with a 2" (or other) tow ball.
Link to T-100 Communications Trailer
VoIP Phone - Emergency Plans
Phone Service Over Satellite
$89.95 /mo for 1000 minutes (with Guaranteed CIR dedicated service)
Ground Control's VoIP phones and phone service can instantly place 1 to 10 phones in the field when using our VSAT satellite service. Plug-and-play simplicity and reduced cost VoIP guaranteed phone service for public safety organizations. These phones perform like the phone on any desk complete with voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, etc.
Link to Emergency Phone Service
Red Phone Satellite Phone
Red Phone - Critical Voice Communication
Free to Public Safety Organizations
Includes Phone - Unlimited Calling - $0 per minute costs
Off-The-Grid Communications via Satellite
Stay connected with any other Red Phone during the most severe outages. Red Phones give your agency a critical voice connection no matter where they are located in North America using our satellite technology. The Red Phone directory includes other public agencies that are now just a voice call away during any disaster. Please ask about promotional discounts.
Link to Red Phone Service
Fixed Satellite Solutions
Fixed Location Satellite Solutions
Complete Professional Grade VSAT Systems
Ground Control specializes in performance grade satellite equipment and service. We are a single source provider for all of your communication needs and we have special VSAT pricing just for public safety organizations..
Link to Public Safety Fixed VSAT Service

Public Safety Plans
FirstNet Capable - Public Safety Satellite Plans
Public Safety organizations have access to special unlimited use satellite services at lower prices for both our fixed and mobile satellite systems. Packages include the Red Phone designed for voice communication when everything else is offline. - more

North American Service Plans
Galaxy 18 Top Left Galaxy 18 Top Right
Galaxy 18 Bottom Left Galaxy 18 Bottom Right
SES2 Satellite Footprint - KU band - North America
  Performance Satellite Internet Plans
North America Plans on Galaxy 18 or SES2
Click on maps for more information
  Service Plans - For Mobile or Fixed Dishes Service Speed
Megabits per second
Monthly Price
 > iDirect 1 to 200 GB Service Each Month Magnifying Glass
       1 year minimum term - no FAP
       Dual-Matrix Ready
       24 x 7 Online Portal Access
       Includes Dynamic Contention

Up to 20 x 5 Mbps
Call or email us for
questions or pricing
 > iDirect Dedicated Magnifying Glass
       1 year term an unshared dedicated connection to
       the Internet or your HQ for a private satellite network.

20 Mbps x 7 Mbps
Unlimited Use

Info Link
 > Remote Ethernet Ports - VSAT M2M Magnifying Glass
       Monitor and control remote equipment with an outdoor
       VSAT system designed for unmanned 24 x 7 operation.

512 x 512 Kbps
Unmanned Operation

Multiple Sites
Info Link
 > Use Your Own iDirect Service Provider
       Ground Control manufactures a line of satellite equipment
       that will operate with any iDirect service provider worldwide.
Flexible Hardware
Call For Details

 Satellite Service Plan Add-Ons - All Plans  
 > Add A Phone & Phone Service Magnifying Glass
       Use a phone over your iDirect satellite connection.
       Works like the phone on any desk. Great calling rates.
Includes 1000 minutes
each month
 > Month-To-Month iDirect Service Magnifying Glass
       Replace the 1 year term with a month-to-month plan.
       Suspend service any month, reactivate any month.

Please Call Info
 > Dual-Matrix Dual-Satellite Service Magnifying Glass
       For mobile dishes that require redundancy with 2 sats.
       Works with all iDirect plans in North America.

Add 20%
to Service Cost
 > Red Phone - Emergency Calling Magnifying Glass
       Red Phones offer emergency voice communication with
       other Red Phones, even if the Internet is down.

Free Info
 > IP Video Streaming Over Satellite Magnifying Glass
       Video broadcasters can stream live video up to 4Mbps
       Purchase in 3 and 24 hour blocks anytime.

$1,500 for 3 Hours
at max upload speed
 > Occasional Use CIR Service Magnifying Glass
       On-demand full speed channels for video conferencing.
       768 Kbps CIR speeds (in both directions)

$2,925 deposit Info
 > Backup Satellite Service Magnifying Glass
       Used as a secondary failover connection to the Internet
       when a primary data line fails.

Starting at $75 per day
Unlimited Use
 > Citrix Use & Specialty Applications Magnifying Glass
       Ground Control can support a wide variety of applications
       that must work over a satellite connection.

Varies Please Call
 > Add FoIP FAX Line Magnifying Glass
       If you are faxing over satellite, you will want to use the
       FoIP (Fax Over IP) service for an optimized connection.
$189/month Info
 > Advanced Satellite Networking Magnifying Glass
       Leased Line, MPLS, SCPC, Point-To-Point, Hybrid, VPN
       Co-Location, Ground Control supports your requirement.
Varies Info

 Public Safety Plans - Special Pricing for any Public Safety Organizations
 > iDirect Mobile Emergency Service Magnifying Glass
       10 Days Unlimited Use iDirect Internet Service
       Additional unlimited days billed on a reasonable per-day use.

Up to 20 Mbps down
5 Mbps upload
 > Other Emergency Plans Magnifying Glass
       Ground Control offers many other plans for organizations
       that are public safety related.

Varies Info
 > All plans listed are high-performance with dynamic contention. Reliable speed is what we are all about.
 > * 20 Mbps x 5 Mbps speeds available on Galaxy 18 only and require iDirect X7 Router - more
 > Optional 1:1 CIR available at any speed with any service plan. Good for VoIP, or other required application.
 > All single system plans are for one year term (12 months) that converts to month-to-month billing at the end of term.
 > Multi-site plans have a 2 year term, that converts to month-to-month billing at end of term.
 > Use your existing satellite equipment with Ground Control.
 > All service goes through our teleports - 24 x 7 monitoring, power backup - multiple fiber paths.
 > 1 static IP included with all accounts. Additional static IPs are available.
 > 20 Mbps x 5 Mbps plans require a .98 meter dish or larger with a minimum 6 watt BUC (transmitter).
 > Video streaming over satellite is allowed on all plans.
 > Coverage maps are approximate signal service areas.
 > All speeds listed in Megabits per second (Mb or Mbps) or Kilobits per second (Kb or Kbps).
 > VOIP Service, VPN Service, Private Networking and many other services are available. Please call.

  Multi-Site Plans - Multiple Satellite Systems
   Pooled Plans For both Mobile or Fixed Dishes
Service Speed
Megabits per second
Monthly Price
 > iDirect 100 to 750 Gigabyte Shared Service Magnifying Glass
       A multi-site shared plan for any number of satellite sites.
       2 year term minimum term with no FAP
       Includes Dynamic Contention

20 Mbps x 5 Mbps

Call or email us for
questions or pricing

Afghanistan Satellite VOIP  
VOIP Phones & Phone Service
$49.95/mo - includes 1000 free minutes each month
Super low-latency (500-650 milliseconds) with a "local" number to make and receive crystal clear calls over our iDirect satellite service. more

Red Phone Satellite Phone  
Red Phone
Critical voice communications to other Red Phones
$49 Annually - Includes phone - Unlimited calling
Red Phones are able to stay connected to other Red Phones anywhere in North America during the most sever outages of any kind. more

Questions?  800-773-7168 (U.S.)  |  +1-805-783-4600 (Int) |

  Dual Matrix Service
A Fully Redundant Satellite Infrastructure

Ground Control's two North American teleports service two different high-performance satellites that operate independent of each other. With the Dual Matrix service, a single mobile satellite dish may connect with either of the satellites at any time, no matter the plan they subscribe to. more
Dual Satellites
Dual Teleports
Dual Hubs
Dual Networks
Dual Backbones

One Mobile Dish

Ask A Question


Other Popular Public Safety Communication Solutions

Iridium PTT Push To Talk  
Iridium PTT Push-To-Talk - No Dead Spots 100% of the globe
Iridium Extreme PTT Radios - $1,595/each
Radio communication to anywhere just became a lot easier with Iridium's Push-To-Talk network now open to the general public. No infrastructure to build out or maintain, and implementation can happen right now anywhere on the planet.
Iridium Extreme PTT

BGAN Terminals  
Portable Satellite Terminals - BGAN
Prices start at - $1,650
These portable satellite terminals provide instant broadband Internet and phone no matter where it is located. BGAN terminals are favored by many first-responders and public safety organizations because they do not require expertise to point and use.
BGAN Portable Terminals

BGAN Hardened Case Solution  
Carry Portable BGAN Internet & Phone
Prices starting at $2,133
A BGAN Ready Case places a BGAN portable satellite terminal in a hardened all-weather case. Everything is included for creating a mobile office in any location in minutes. BGAN Ready Cases are excellent for backup communication and portability.
BGAN Hardened Ready Cases

Satellite Phones  
Satellite Phone - Data Phone
Iridium Extreme Price - $1,495
The Iridium Extreme satellite phone works in any disaster area anywhere and with the Axcesspoint personal hotspot, it includes low-speed Internet access for smartphones. Ground Control specializes in airtime and Internet service we support 24-7.
Iridium Extreme Satellite Phone

In-Motion Vehicle Internet  
In-Motion Internet & Phone
Prices starting at $6,100
BGAN in-motion systems offer broadband Internet and phone as well as a Wi-Fi access point to any in-range device, moving or parked. An excellent solution for communication from a command vehicle.
BGAN In-Motion Systems

The Football Global Hotspot  
MCD 4800 - Hotspot In A Case
Price $12,995
Simply place the closed MCD-4800 watertight case under an open sky, and turn it on. In a minute it automatically becomes a broadband satellite connection with a wireless access for any in-range device up to 6 hours on a single charge.
MCD-4800 Information

BGAN Link Outpost  
High Usage BGAN Service
Inmarsat's "BGAN LINK" service is for data hungry sites using 5 to 15 Gigabytes per month. This services is ideal for remote offices or security cameras at fixed locations. BGAN terminals can be installed by anyone, and use very little power, but provide everything like Internet, phone, SMS texting and Faxing.
BGAN Link Service

Questions?  800-773-7168 (U.S.)  |  +1-805-783-4600 (Int) |

Public Safety Photos    
Emergency Command Vehicle  
A hazmat vehicle with a Ground Control .98 meter Toughsat XP satellite system.
This Mississippi command truck with a stowed mobile dish providing support for a landing of Air Force One.
Mobile Command Center Rig   Health Department Trailer
Mobile command centers use the Toughsat systems for both Internet and VoIP phone communication.
The Toughsat XP on top of a Department of Health and Human Services task force rig.
Mobile Classroom  
Command vehicles can have a variety of looks inside. Please contact a Ground Control sales representative for options.
A mobile command post may all connect to the wireless network if within a 100 foot radius of the mobile command vehicle or trailer.
Sheriff Trailer   Toughsat on an emergency vehicle
The Malheur County Sheriff in Oregon deploys a Toughsat XP for a mobile command station.
Command vehicles with mobile high-speed solutions can set up multi-phone and Internet communications from any location.
Mobile Communications Command Trailer   Mobile Command Post
Installation of a Toughsat XP .98 meter dish on top of a mobile command center.
A Toughsat XP .98 Meter system on a mobile emergency command vehicle.
Satellite VSAT Trailer   Mobile VSAT Trailer
Any of our mobile satellite dishes are easily installed at your location, even on top of small trailers.
Mobile command centers do not need to be expensive to own and operate. A modified trailer with a generator and air-conditioner serves as an effective and efficient field-operation unit.
Toughsat XP Stowed   Toughsat XP Deployed
The Toughsat XP .98 and 1.2 meter dishes show to below 12". Great for vehicle clearance issues.
The Toughsat XP has a fairly small footprint on top of a roof. The boom will swing over most items.
The Emery County Sheriff mobile command post with a Ground Control mobile dish during the Utah mining disaster.
The Illinois National Guard uses a tractor-trailer combination allowing them to create two mobile command posts.
  Two Communications Specialists operate from inside of a mobile command vehicle
This rig packs both a 2.8 meter dish and a smaller mobile dish mounted on a plate above an air conditioner.
  In addition to broadband Internet, many organizations also purchase their VoIP phone service with us.
Flyaway Portable Satellite Internet  
This fire and rescue truck is outfitted with a roof mounted Toughsat XP and next to is a deployed Flyaway Toughsat Case system. Both systems operate identically.
The Case-Based Flyaway Toughsat is contained in three pieces, and is easily transported or shipped and operated by one person.
Toughsat T-100 Mobile Communications VSAT Trailer   Sling Lift Toughsat T-100 Trailer
The T-100 Toughsat trailer, manufactured by Ground Control is a self-contained mobile satellite system that includes a high-gain antenna for a half-mile connectivity radius.
The T-100 trailer's light weight means it can be transported via helicopter sling load. Set up a remote communications post where roads are impassible.

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