First Responders


Reliable satellite communications for First Responders

Achieve more successful mission outcomes and improve the safety of your team on the ground, with critical voice, data and video over satellite-enabled networks.

Utilizing systems compliant with all SAFECOM requirements for emergency interoperable communication equipment, teams can focus on the task at hand – saving lives.

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Tailored pricing for Public Safety organizations

Having serviced hundreds of Urban Search and Rescue agencies, State, County and City Law Enforcement and Fire Departments throughout the United States, since 2002, we understand that most agencies do not require 24 x 7 connectivity. So we’ve created two occasional use, discounted service packages. The high-speed Emergency Mobile Responder "EMR" and Public Safety BGAN service packages. Both ensure you only pay for the access you need, without compromising service quality.
Providing reliable communications for unreliable events

Ground Control helps mitigate risk to emergency personnel

Stay informed

In a crisis, lack of or delayed situational awareness can cost lives. Mitigate risk by providing real-time intelligence to emergency teams in the field, via secure, satellite internet access points.

Work better, together

Use satellite-enabled, interoperable communications to disseminate information among relevant teams and response disciplines, no matter the circumstances.

Keep your team safe

With location updates every 15 seconds, personnel and fire truck GPS trackers provide team leaders and the Command Center with a precise view of where all crew and assets are in the field.

Proud to support First Responders

With over 20 years' experience facilitating preparedness and response for natural disasters and humanitarian crises, we understand every second counts. Which is why we’re constantly adapting our Public Safety offer and systems to best support teams on the ground.

Whatever your communication or connectivity needs, we can help. So get in touch today.