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Popular Satellite Products from Ground Control
Mobile Dish   Flyaway Toughsat Satellite System   T-100 Toughsat Communications Trailer   BGAN Portable Satellite Internet
Toughsat Mobile VSAT Systems

Ground Control manufactures a full line Toughsat mobile VSAT satellite Internet systems for all industries and agencies.

  Flyaway Toughsat Case

This transportable VSAT system can be transported in an SUV, or mounted on top of any vehicle roof rack.

  T-100 Toughsat Trailer

Create a half-mile Wi-Fi hotspot and to provide broadband connectivity for any event, at any location.

  Portable Satellite Internet

BGAN terminals are carry portable and provide broadband Internet & phone anywhere on the globe.

IsatHub iSavi Terminal   In-Motion Satellite Internet Terminals   Satellite Phones - Global Use   Fixed Satellite Dish Equipment
A Personal Global Hotspot

The iSavi satellite terminal is a portable hotspot for your iPhone/iPad, Android smartphone or laptop that allows for broadband connectivity globally - Use all of your smartphone Apps or laptop applications and connect to the Internet as up to 464 Kbps . Great personal tech. more
  In-Motion Vehicle Internet

Need to stay connected while on the move? In-motion terminals mount to the top of any vehicle and provide broadband Internet & phone.

  Satellite Phones

Need a phone in remote locations? Our range of satellite phone offer Push-To-Talk capabilities, or even provide low speed Internet 2.5 Kbps Internet connectivity.

  Fixed Satellite Systems
& Accessories

From 1.2 meter satellite systems, to massive 2.8 meter, Ground Control has the equipment you need to connect.

MCD-4800 BGAN Terminal   Remote Device Control Over Satellite - SCADA / M2M   Maritime Satellite Internet Solutions   VoIP Over Satellite
Auto-Pointing Global Hotspot

On land or at sea... turn on the MCD-4800 under an open sky anywhere in the world and in about 1 minute, it becomes a Wi-Fi hotspot for any in-range device.

  Remote Device Control

Place an Ethernet port in the middle of nowhere and control or monitor anything, no matter where it is on the globe.

  Maritime Satellite Solutions

Open ocean connectivity for both Internet and phone. Ground Control has several solutions that keep any vessel in touch at all times.

  Phone Service - VSAT VoIP

Get a local phone number and phone for your VSAT service. With call quality so good, most will not know you're speaking over a satellite connection.

Red Phone Satellite Phone   Iridium Extreme PTT Push To Talk   Dual Matrix Satellite Service   Public Safety Satellite Solutions
Red Phone - Off Grid

Red Phones are able to communicate with other Red Phones at all times... even during power outages, Internet outages, any kind of outage. These phone are off-grid so they maintain a critical voice connection when everything is down. Unlimited calling.

  Push-To-Talk Satellite Phone

Iridium's new Push-To-Talk (PTT) satellite phones communicate with groups of other PTT phones at the touch of a button... no matter their location on the globe. Unlimited talk time, and multiple talkgroups make this ground breaking technology.

  Dual Matrix

Switch to a 2nd satellite with a touch of a button with the Dual Matrix service from Ground Control. Dual satellites, dual teleports, dual hubs, dual networks, dual backbone.

  Public Safety Solutions

Public and private agencies that have a safety communication requirement can work with Ground Control for discounted services.


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