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PORTABLE Satellite Internet Systems

Laptop, Smartphone & Tablet - Case Based - In-Motion - Auto-Pointing - Portable Internet Solutions
BGAN Portable Satellite Internet   Inmarsat IsatHub   Iridium GO!    
Laptop Sized Portable Broadband

BGAN global satellite terminals can be used by anyone and deliver broadband Internet speeds of up to 492Kbps from anywhere on the planet, and provide standard phone service to boot! Yet portable enough to fit in a laptop case - This is Very Cool Tech!

  IsatHub Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot

Rumored to be available in September or October 2014, the IsatHub lets any smartphone or tablet connect to the Internet at high-speed 384 Kbps speeds globally. This portable 7" x 7" device may be operated by anyone for phone, Internet and Texting. We can hardly wait!

  Iridium GO! Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot

Available August 7th, 2014. This portable 4.5" device lets you take your smartphone or tablet anywhere for 100% global phone, very low-speed app driven Internet (2.5 Kbps) and SMS messaging for $51 a month plus service costs. Very Amazing Tech!

Portable Satellite Internet Case   Thuraya Portable Broadband - Equipment and Service   Flyaway Portable VSAT System    
Global Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot Case

The MCD-4800 "The Football" is an auto-pointing satellite terminal. Place it under the sky and simply turn it on. It creates a Broadband Wi-Fi Hotspot. No Training - No Certification.

  Thuraya Portable Broadband Internet

Eastern Hemisphere Portable Satellite Internet terminals hand-carry and vehicle roof-top. Offers a low cost under 20 cents per Megabyte for high-usage subscribers, as well as a $0 per month emergency use plan.

  Case Based Satellite Dish Systems

Our popular Toughsat Flyaway case is a transportable .98 or 1.2 meter VSAT satellite dish that delivers 5Mbps down and 2Mbps up speeds. This portable system is easily set up by one person.

Satellite Phones   Fly and Drive Mobile VSAT   In-Motion Satellite Internet    
Satellite Phones

Our satellite phones can also be used for a low-speed data connection to the Internet. We will show you how.

  Fly-And-Drive Mobile Satellite

Mount our Toughsat Mobile Satellite System on top on any vehicle roof. Our Flyaway mobile mounting brackets are universal for all roof-racks.

  In-Motion Broadband Internet

Travel down any road (or off-road) on the planet and stay connected at up to 464 Kbps using in-motion broadband satellite technology through Inmarsat BGAN.


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