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Hughes 9502 - M2M over satellite iDirect and SCADASat Chooser
The Hughes 9502 is a popular choice for devices that communicate with small amounts of data - anywhere on the globe - more
Choose from our iDirect Ku-Band VSAT service or establish your own private closed satellite network using SCADASat for the highest in secure critical infrastructure communication.

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BGAN Terminal Solutions

BGAN prices start at $1,235 USD - more
Service starting at $23.99 a month - more

BGAN Terminals SCADA/M2M Overview:

  • Very low power requirements (.01 to 4 watts)
  • Highly rugged in extreme environments.
  • Global coverage - One provider/plan for all.
  • Can be installed and operated by anyone.
  • Low equipment costs.

VSAT Satellite Dish | SCADASat

VSAT Prices starting at $1,364
Service starting at $269 a month

VSAT Dish for SCADA/M2M Overview:

  • High-speed & low-speed connectivity.
  • Does require 90-150 watts for operation.
  • Global coverage.
  • Requires certified installation.
  • SCADASat works with TCP-IP and serial devices.

Remote Monitoring & Control - Satellite Dishes & Fixed BGAN Terminals

Satellite services from Ground Control establish a standard IP connection via Ethernet link for any M2M or other IP capable device to use. With SCADASat both TCP-IP (Ethernet) and existing serial devices may connect to the network. Our iDirect VSAT satellite dish solution, are designed for large amounts of data can be quickly transmitted, SCADASAT VSAT is for low-bandwidth applications. And advantage of BGAN over VSAT systems are that dish itself can be knocked offline from wind or snow that would require a certified installer to correct. BGAN terminals are also very portable, require no certified installer to install and use a tiny amount of power (.01 to 4 watts for the Hughes 9502), and are not effected nearly as much by extreme environmental conditions like wind and snow.

In-Motion M2M Equipment & Service
Ground Control offers tracking equipment for your truck or big-rig for terrestrial or maritime SCADA or M2M requirements using the popular BGAN M2M service. More

Comparison of Satellite Systems for VSAT, SCADASAT, and BGAN M2M for IP Device Use

  VSAT SCADA Satellite Dish
Satellite Dish
VSAT Service
SCADASAT Private Network
Private VSAT Network
Hughes 9502 2-Piece Icon
Hughes 9502 2-Piece Icon
Standard+ BGAN Service
Required Satellite Equipment iDirect using an iDirect 1.2 meter VSAT dish.
1.8 meter HQ teleport.
.95 meter remote site(s).
Hughes 9502 BGAN Hughes 9502 BGAN
Expected Monthly Usage High Bandwidth Use
(over 1 Gigabyte/month)
Unlimited Between 1 to 20 MBs
per month
High Bandwidth Use
(over 1 Gigabyte/month)
Monthly Service iDirect M2M VSAT 
SCADASAT BGAN M2M Service Standard+ BGAN Service
Average Monthly Cost $269 per month
Multi-Site friendly
Please Call or Email $40 per month
Multi-Site Friendly
Starting at $63 a month.
Tiered levels to unlimited
Equipment Cost $1,364 per site
$2,579 for hardened site
Please Call or Email $1,235 per site (Hughes 9502) $1,235 per site (Hughes 9502)
Connection Speed 512 x 512
Varies - Low Speed Telemetry 464 Kbps Down x 448 Kbps Up 464 Kbps Down x 448 Kbps Up
Cost per MB Transferred 26 cents per MB (apx).
N/A From $6 to $20 per MB < $0.10 cents per MB
Operational Temp for Outdoor Equip (ODU)
(BGAN Antenna or Dish)

-40° to 140° F
-40° to 60° C
(X1 Outdoor VSAT)

-40° to 140° F
-40° to 60° C
(X1 Outdoor VSAT)
-40° to 167° F
-40° to 75°C
(Hughes 9502 stats)
-40° to 167° F
-40° to 75°C
(Hughes 9502 stats)
Power Draw (12 volts)
iDirect modem pulls between 90 and 150 watts always.
Varies per site 3 to 4 watts idle
0.01 watts hibernation
20 watts burst transmit.
3 to 4 watts idle
0.01 watts hibernation
20 watts burst transmit.
Coverage Area North America, Central and South America
Global Global (except for extreme polar regions). Global (except for extreme polar regions).
Certified Installer Required Requires certified Installer
Requires certified in-house installer Can be installed by anyone Can be installed by anyone
IP Sec / Leased Line / MPLS to NOC / VPN / Co-Location
Available SCADASat is by design a closed private satellite network for the highest in security. Available Available

BGAN vs Satellite Dish for SCADA / M2M / IP Applications:

  • A BGAN terminal operates globally on the same network with a single service "BGAN".
  • VSAT services are regional (can't be moved to other parts of the world without a new plan).
  • BGAN service can transmit Gigabytes of data using Standard+ or BGAN Link service.
  • A BGAN terminal uses very low power...less than 4 watts during normal operation. Excellent for solar powered sites.
  • A VSAT dish will pull between 90 to 150 watts of power, which is not ideal for solar powered locations.
  • Both BGAN terminals and VSAT systems can operates in extreme temperatures.
  • A VSAT dish is more susceptible to high winds than BGAN and VSAT can be misaligned much easier.
  • A BGAN terminal is easily installed and operated by anyone, where VSAT requires a certified installer.
  • A BGAN terminal has almost no rain fade signal degradation, and can take 25mm of ice before transmission issues.
  • A VSAT dish may have an optional de-icer for snow locations.
  • A BGAN terminal antenna is low-profile, which is helpful in reducing theft or vandalism.
  • A BGAN terminal has a backup communications channel (wide-beam circuit switch) staying online even with very low signal quality.
  • Many SCADA or M2M devices can be configured to transmit under 1 kilobyte of data per "poll" making BGAN M2M very affordable.

BGAN Portal - Tracking - Monitoring - Controlling

$19 per terminal per month - No term contracts - Info

Ground Control's Terminal Management Portal will track, monitor and control one or more BGAN terminals from a secure intuitive web interface. This highly functional portal shows terminal GPS locations, service usage, and provides wake-up and sleep commands as well as historic log file for all activity with any terminal.

The BGAN Terminal Management Portal is $19 per month per terminal. There are no term contracts, or minimum number of terminals required. You may add and remove terminals at any time. More information on the BGAN Terminal Management Portal. more

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Satellite Remote Monitoring Terminals  
Hughes 9502 BGAN Terminal   VSAT Dish in the snow  
The Hughes 9502 one-piece terminal is remote Ethernet port supplied by 4 watts of 12 or 24 Volts DC power. It uses the BGAN M2M service and can operate in the most extreme conditions anywhere on the globe.
VSAT installations in snow locations will want to include our electric powered Anti-Icing equipment to reduce snow buildup on the antenna.
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