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Gallery - Mobile Satellite System

  Mobile Command Trailers   Command Communications Trailer  
Shown above is the Ground Control 1.2 Meter Toughsat XP and the .98 Meter Toughsat XP mounted on our T-100 Multi-Purpose Communications Trailer for half-mile wireless connectivity.
Installation of a .98 Meter Toughsat XP on a mobile command center. Ground Control can help you create a custom mobile command vehicle to your specifications.
  Emergency Satellite Internet   Satellite Internet Vehicle  
This Toughsat XP mobile satellite system (manufactured by Ground Control) is placed on top of a 20' mobile command trailer. The Toughsat autostow feature will stow the dish if the trailer is moved, or goes off signal for any reason.
Ground Control offers a Fly-And-Drive Toughsat that can be mounted on top of a standard roof rack (including rental vehicles). Since it is portable, it can be stored in its case, and transported in the back of an SUV (see picture below).
  C-Band X-Band mobile satellit Internet   Flyaway Satellite Internet  
This 1.8 Meter Mobile Satellite System is capable of Ku-Band, C-Band and X-Band for global operation with Ground Control or your chosen provider.
The Flyaway Toughsat is easily transported and set up on the ground by one person. It can also be placed on a vehicle roof.
    Fly-and-Drive Satellite System  
This mobile office inside of a smaller bus makes great use of available space. Ground Control can help you design a specialty vehicle for your mobile communication requirements.
The Flyaway / Fly-and-Drive Toughsat will establish a wireless hotspot for any wireless capable computer within range. It is easily transported to any location for premium grade satellite Internet connectivity.
  Toughsat Dimentions   Emergency Toughsat  
The Toughsat XP mobile satellite systems require little space on the roof, yet deliver up to 20Mbps download speeds and 5Mbps upload speed with our premium iDirect Satellite Service. One button deploy and stow for easy use by anyone.
Ground Control's Public Safety Organization Plans are designed for Emergency and Public Safety organizations that do not require connectivity 30 days a month. Unlimited and cost effective communication when it's needed.
  VOIP Over Satellite   Broad Connectivity Tent  
Ground Control offers full-featured VoIP Phones and VoIP service for crystal clear voice communication over satellite. These phones work like the phone on a desk and you may connect 1 or 10 phones over the satellite connection. Service starts at $49.95 a month for 1000 minutes (16.6 hours).
Ground Control's mobile satellite systems provide reliable phone and data connectivity to large staging areas in minutes. All of our Toughsat systems are Wi-Fi access points which minimizes or eliminates wiring issues.
    Command Workstation  
A fleet of first responder trucks using Ground Control MSS satellite dishes. Note the cameras and radio mast offer a unique full-featured command post in a compact effective package.
This Mobile Command Post interior has mounted communications equipment to the wall including VoIP phones. Contact Ground Control for help in designing a mobile command vehicle.
  Bus Cabinet   Mobile MSS  
This bus uses the basement storage for its rack mount equipment.
Mississippi fire personnel, with a stowed Ground Control Mobile system, assist during a landing of Air Force One.
  Bookmobile   Mobile Classroom  
Ground Control mobile systems are popular with bookmobiles that make frequent stops. Deploying the dish and stowing the dish are one button easy and little or no training is needed after the unit is installed.
This mobile classroom uses an overhead projector for the central screen. Note the wise use of space for multiple workstations while allowing for movement down the central isle.
  BGAN Portable Satellite Internet   The Football - Global Internet In A Case  
Portable satellite connectivity is is possible with BGAN Terminals. While these systems are smaller than a laptop, the cost of service is about $5 per Megabyte transferred. If portability is required, BGAN is a excellent communications answer.
This self-pointing BGAN terminal is capable of connecting to a satellite and creating a wireless hotspot in less than 60 seconds, anywhere in the world. The Football is manufactured by Ground Control.
  Mobile Command Center   Mobile Satellite Command Trailer  
This Hazmat Mobile Command 5th wheel uses VSAT technology from Ground Control for both broadband Internet and VoIP phone. We offer Public Safety organizations 10-day plans that keep costs low for unlimited use connectivity.
Any organization that wishes to have a mobile presence at any location are well served by the Toughsat XP. High speed wireless Internet, VoIP phone & Fax services are all available in minutes with the touch of a button.

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