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Portable Satellite Internet - Global Coverage

Laptop, Smartphone & Tablet - Case Based - In-Motion - Auto-Pointing - Portable Satellite Internet Solutions from Ground Control
BGAN Portable Satellite Internet   Portable Satellite Internet Case   MCD-MissionLINK    
BGAN - Global WiFi Hotspot Solutions

We offer a variety of professional grade BGAN global satellite terminals that are rugged tough. BGAN terminals can be used by anyone and deliver broadband Internet speeds of up to 492Kbps from anywhere on the planet. These portable global WiFi hotspots also provide standard phone service - Very Cool Tech!

  Global Satellite WiFi Hotspot Case

The MCD-4800 "The Football" is our auto-pointing satellite Internet terminal. Simply place it on any fixed or moving surface such as a vehicle or boat deck anywhere in the world and turn it on... In less than a minute the Football creates a global WiFi Hotspot with up to 464 Kbps speeds for devices up to 100 meters away. No Training - No Certification needed.

  MCD-MissionLINK Global Hotspot Case

The MCD-MissionLINK is another of our auto-pointing global portable Internet hotspots with this one operating pole-to-pole on Iridium's new Certus network that will soon deliver speeds of up to 700 Kbps. This case-based portable terminal with an IP-66 rating (strong water jets) supports up to three phone lines. A mobile office on land or at sea.

Inmarsat IsatHub   MCD-Cradlepoint, Cellular Hotspot   MCD-MP77 BGAN Backpack Manpack    
iSavi Satellite WiFi Hotspot - $1,295

The ultra-portable iSavi IsatHub satellite terminal is a consumer grade 384 Kbps Internet connection with phone service for anyone traveling anywhere on the planet. The iSavi uses BGAN service from Inmarsat and it lets any smartphone, tablet or laptop connect from anywhere, while not as rugged or reliable as BGAN, it is a cool product.

  MCD-Cradlepoint Cellular Hotspot

The one-button self-contained MCD-Cradlepoint offers the powerful controls of a Cradlepoint 3G/4G/LTE cellular router with up to 10 hours on the internal battery... all housed in a waterproof all-weather Pelican case. Works with most provider's SIM cards and requires not user experience to press the button to create a WiFi hotspot.

  MCD-MP77 BGAN Backpack

Need to take Interne and phone anywhere you can walk? The MCD-MP77 is ruggedized backpack that provides global Internet and phone anywhere you can walk. One-button operation means that anyone can use the system and combined with a foldable solar planel, Internet and phone may be used indefinately.

Satellite Phones   Thales MissionLink Satellite Terminal   In-Motion Satellite Internet    
Satellite Phones

Ground Control offers popular Iridium and Inmarsat satellite phones for global voice communication. We also offer Push-To-Talk satellite phones for hand-held radio over satellite communication, and the IsatHub that works with your smartphone for both phone service and Internet connectivity.

  MissionLINK - 100% Global Internet

The Thales MissionLINK terminal uses the new Iridium Certus network launched in January 2019 for the fastest Internet speeds available (up to 700 Kbps) for portable or fixed locations anywhere on the globe. This product is changing the landscape of what is possible in portable, in-motion and fixed satellite connectivity.

  In-Motion Broadband Internet

Travel down any road (or off-road) on the planet and stay connected at up to 464 Kbps using in-motion broadband satellite technology through Inmarsat BGAN.

Ready Cases   Flyaway Portable VSAT System   Fly and Drive Mobile VSAT    
Ready Cases - All Portable Equipment

Protect your investment by putting your satellite phone or Internet terminal into a hardened case. These things are designed to take abuse and protect the contents within.

  Case Based Satellite Dish Systems

Our popular Toughsat Flyaway case is a transportable .98 or 1.2 meter VSAT satellite dish that delivers 20Mbps down and 2Mbps up speeds. This portable system is easily set up by one person.

  Fly-And-Drive Mobile Satellite

Mount our Toughsat Mobile Satellite System on top on any vehicle roof. Our Flyaway mobile mounting brackets are universal for all roof-racks. Speeds of 20 Mbps down by 5 Mbps up are achievable in many locations.


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