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AvL Mobile VSAT Satellite Systems - Photos

  0.85m, 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.8m Ku-Band Auto-Deploy Mobile Systems
Please Call for Competitive Pricing

AvL one button satellite acquisition antenna control systems provide fully automatic, modem independent, acquisition and tracking capabilities for rapid deployment. Satellites are typically acquired in less than five minutes.

Thanks to AvL's auto-acquisition technology, our products can be reliably operated by non-technical operators without any requirement for external test equipment or laptop.

Cable Drive
AVL Roto Lok
The graceful quick moving cable drive system enables near zero backlash and high stiffness, even in the most extreme environmental conditions.

AvL Benefits
Operate independently of terrestrial-based communications systems that are susceptible to local service interruptions, natural disasters and sabotage.
Ensure that mobile satellite communications terminals can provide high-performance broadband connectivity at an affordable price.
Are an alternative to T1 installation, providing cost effective, high-bandwidth broadband connectivity to mobile users.
Are ideal for homeland defense, disaster/crisis management, emergency and corporate communications.
Provide video, voice, IP and data communication from any point to any other point on earth with extraordinary reliability and higher data rates than comparable products.
Mount on almost any vehicle, including those as small as an SUV or mini-van.

Single Source Provider
Ground Control offer both equipment and high-performance service to our AVL line of mobile dishes. We have been a leader in mobile VSAT solutions since 2002 for a professional organizations including first responders, public safety organizations, fire and forestry departments, federal and state security, and many more.

Afghanistan Satellite VOIP  
VOIP Phones & Phone Service
$49.95/mo - includes 1000 free minutes each month
Super low-latency (500-650 milliseconds) with a "local" number to make and receive crystal clear calls over our iDirect satellite service. more

  Dual Matrix Service
A Fully Redundant Satellite Infrastructure

Ground Control's two North American teleports service two different high-performance satellites that operate independent of each other. With the Dual Matrix Service, a single mobile satellite dish may connect with either of the satellites at any time, no matter the plan they subscribe to. more
Dual Satellites
Dual Teleports
Dual Hubs
Dual Networks
Dual Backbones

One Mobile Dish

Other Services & Equipment
Case Based Toughsat Solution
A Portable .98 or 1.2 Meter Satellite Dish

Consider having a portable Case-Based mobile satellite system and store it until you require it. This solution is easily mounted on a roof of a building, or on top of a vehicle roof rack. more
T-100 Communications Trailer
A Mobile - Transportable Hotspot

Ground Control manufactures the Toughsat T-100 Multi-Purpose Satellite Communications Trailer to create a half-mile (.82 Kilometers) wireless access point for any in-range device. An instant communications portal for any location. more

VPN For Satellite Internet  
VPN Virtual Private Networking
If you require a VPN, Ground Control's network will be compatible with many existing VPN solutions. We also sell the Encore series VPN for a cost effective solution. more

BGAN Pelican Case  
Carry Portable Internet & Phone
Portable BGAN terminals will fit inside of a laptop case and deliver 492 Kbps of broadband speed as well as high quality phone over satellite communication. The hardened case is excellent for all weather operation in extreme environments.

Satellite Phone  
Satellite Phones with Internet
All of our satellite phones are capable of low-speed Interned connections. Ground Control offers the most popular brands along with service plans that we support globally 24-7.

Fixed Satellite Phone  
Fixed Satellite Telephone
The IsatPhone Link from Inmarsat is a fixed location satellite telephone designed for indoor use. The high-performance externally mounted antenna keeps calls from dropping.

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