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Satellite Internet Services From Ground Control
For Both Fixed and Mobile Satellite Systems
Enter the world of performance connectivity through iDirect satellite. If you require a constant high-speed, low-latency, net-neutral, application tolerant, VPN optimized, predictable connection perfect for data and phone, then we have your solution.

Ground Control Satellite Solutions

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Ground Control Uses iDirect Service
iDirect LogoMost all of our fixed and mobile satellite equipment use the highly optimized iDirect Satellite service that has consistently deliver outstanding performance with all forms of TCP-IP traffic such as VPN, VOIP phone and Video Streaming. more on iDirect

Best-Of-Class & Cost Effective
Our mission is provide the highest performing equipment and services for cost conscious buyers, and it is the reason we publish much of our pricing. As a manufacturer of satellite products, we continually test, refine, redesign, and improve our solutions so that your focus can stay on your task at hand, and not on us. However, if anything does go wrong, our team of experts is here to fix it 24 x 7.

Once you have chosen a fixed or mobile satellite antenna, Ground Control will work with you to find the best location for dish installation. A certified technician will install and integrate a satellite system normally within one business day. With fixed installations, placement may be affected by obstacles between the satellite and the dish, so a site survey may be required. You may do you own site survey by using our look angle calculator once you know which satellite you will be connecting with.

Plans & Pricing
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Switching Service Providers
If you already have VSAT satellite antennas, and are looking to switch to our performance network, please contact us to find if your equipment is compatible.
Since 2002, Ground Control has established satellite connectivity with thousands of organizations for both fixed and mobile installations and service.

Other Products & Services
Ground Control offers a host of products and services that are useful in satellite communication such as Telephone Service. Please review the other products and services offered by Ground Control.

One Provider - One Support - One Solution
As a global provider of satellite access, we can simplify the process required to establish connectivity. Ground Control is an End-to-End solution provider from one system installations to broad multi-site company networks. Our experienced team will review your requirements, propose solutions, install, integrate & support your long term business strategies... 24 x 7.

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